1991: Kührer GmbH was founded on 1991-02-22 in Vienna. The original purpose of business was consultancy work for large companies abroad.

1995: In 1995 the purpose of business was enlarged to the field of sale of and trading in welding products and thermal spray products and to services in the field of welding and spraying work.

2003: It went one step further in 2003 with a production facility in Mettersdorf and with the new field of mechanical manufacture (turning, milling, grinding and welding).

2005: In 2005 the company location in Mettersdorf am Sassbach was extended for the areas of plant and mechanical engineering.

2011: In this year the new production hall with 750 m2 was built. It is mainly used for the production of both small-sized series and high product volumes in the field of metal technology.

Kührer GmbH offers the competent completion of small to large-scale production and individualized complete solutions in the plant engineering sector to the customers. We design, construct and manufacture solutions to your specifications and standards. Close cooperation is important for us to ensure an economically efficient production process.

The complete production planning and processing takes place in our plant:
Purchasing, materials logistics, surface treatment, production, quality documentation, marking, packaging und transport - we conscientious look after all these aspects for you.

Know-how, dedication and reliability is to guarantee maximum quality and schedule.